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      Kombucha on Draft

      There’s nothing better than a cold one on draft.

      That goes for kombucha on draft as much as it does for beer! The tastiest, freshest kombucha is poured right from the tap, and more and more businesses are making draft kombucha available to customers.

      Growler to Go

      At Humm, we’re big on growlers and kombucha in kegs. If the word ‘growler’ makes you think of the mean dog you had to walk by on the way to school, then read on! Growlers are jugs, generally made of glass, that are used to transport beverages, from beer to cider to, you guessed it, kombucha.

      There are tons of benefits to using growlers. They’re great for the environment, as you can refill them over and over instead of tossing or recycling bottles and cans. Not only is buying in bulk more cost effective for you, many craft brewers only make their beer and kombucha available in kegs, as bottling and canning operations are cost prohibitive. If you visit our first-in-the-nation kombucha taproom, remember to bring your growler, as our special “Brewer’s Batches” are only available that way.

      Fun fact: Humm is the largest producer of kombucha in kegs in the entire world! Scratch that… UNIVERSE!!!

      Here in Bend, Ore., where Humm is brewed, the ‘growler culture’ is sewn into the fabric of the town. We like drinking, and we don’t like waste! Many gas stations and car washes feature growler refill stations with dozens of taps of local and imported beers, a variety of ciders and hard root beers, and, of course, Humm and other varieties of kombucha on draft. Many retailers feature several flavors of Humm draft kombucha, and some retailers carry up to ten different flavors of Humm. Mix ‘em up!

      The rest of the country is catching on, and we’ve installed Humm kegerator setups (AKA growler refill stations) in stores in Colorado, Los Angeles and many more cities. As the nation becomes more environmentally aware and people seek ways to live sustainably, growlers continue to grow in popularity. They’re the reusable shopping bag of beverages!

      Where do you want to see kombucha on draft? Do you have a favorite kombucha cocktail? Tell us on Facebook!